Thursday, August 7, 2008

yanni's body double.

gosh...what a day! ugh. I'm just now getting to post my blog for the day, and so--just to warn you--everything here will seem very after-the-fact and all-over-the-place. nothing unsual, if you're a frequent reader tho.

I'd like to say "Try the food at Kampuchea" (cambodian spot in the LES). I went there last night with my friends D. and T.--and while the food felt great going down, when i got home--well let's just say, my tummy wasn't in agreement with my tastebuds. kinda unfair. I'll spare you the details. I will, however, highly--HIGHHHLY--recommend the Coconut Rum Mojitos! yow! D. if you're reading this, last night was loads of fun. All the way down to the the yanni-body-double sighting, AND realizing I went to college with said yanni-body-double's buddy.

D's a romantic. We were talking a bit about relationships and he says you have to ask yourself, "what are my expectations?" "What do i need from this person," and "Do they live up to that," or something like that (I can't recall his wording exactly). But, I got so stumped, because my goal is to not get caught up in expectations, to go with the flow, and have fun. I said, that's "my goal." But, is that adult? I just want to be happy...and it'd be great to share that with the guy I love. Isn't that enough? Gosh, I dunno about all this relationship stuff...I'm so bad at it really...

...but my dear friend has an interesting take on it today. It's on Sperm Shooters. yep, i said sperm shooters. go on over know you want to.

moving on...

and here's a very cool article with the coolest pic of a very cool guy...(turn to page E5 in the Weekend section). Note: He's not actually "Canadian-born."

I'm seeing an apartment in the LES today, and I cannot afford the rent. Eh well. I'm still gonna see it and who knows...maybe I can work something out.

*a thought of the day: What if everyday you say something nice to a total stranger? Could you keep it up? and would this little exchange of good feelings make their day as well as yours? I dunno. This morning the starbucks cashier says to me, "Boy, you smell good!" And I smiled and thanked her...and it made me feel good. She gave me my morning with compliments.



rashad said...

I didn't compliment a stranger today, but me and this other white guy did jone on this loud woman in the elevator after she left. we almost hi-fived, but thats ghey

asabi said...

Are you positive he isnt Canadian? He sure looks it.

£ex said...

I won't say i make a concerted effort to compliment strangers on a daily basis, but i usually do.

Its so easy, and its nice to see their looks of pleasant surprise when i comment on a nice pair of shoes, a cute dress, or great hair.

(and now off to read about sperm shooters...)