Saturday, August 9, 2008

montage du dante.

so this weekend, i'm cat-sitting in DC for my old roomie. Dante is a sweetie pie...hands down, best cat ever! last night we took some photos, but he was feeling sorta camera shy. see...come on, give us a smile. nope. i WILL NOT look into the camera! i'm outta here! fine! but this is all you're getting outta me.

then this morning, when he least expected it, i caught him in this compromising position--and half asleep. sorry dante. i HAD to do it.


JazzBrew said...

He looks like my wife's first cat - Buster (she called him Butter). He was cool. Really sweet and affectionate. Now the second cat - Scooter Jones... was a NUT. I mean that cat has some serious mental issues... my arms still bear the scratch marks.

Tell Dante I said wasup. You two look good together.

asabi said...

"best cat ever"? That's debatable. But the last pic did up his cute quotion.

£ex said...

dante is so cute!

im not sure when it happened, but over the years i've become such a (domestic)animal lover.