Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hannah is coming...and i did the crow.

today's the day...and i'm not shy about saying i've really missed my Hannah--and i can't wait to squeeze her. it's been a full year!

first stop: coffee

next stop: popeyes fried chicken

stop after that: beach (hannah, we--I mean, I need the beach)

final stop: Brixton (and i promise to visit)

p.s. Last night I discovered that I'm a member of the NYC Writers Circle. Seems I signed up for it more than 2 years ago, right before moving to DC. Nice to know they didn't drop me for lack of attendance--good sign. I was reading the profile I set up when applying for the circle: "I'm a late 20s female and four-year NYC resident working as an editor for a non-profit but love tragic fiction." blahhh! And the pic i submitted--eeek!! (I love that writers don't have to be photogenic)

p.p.s. yesterday marked my three-week anniversary with yoga--and I conquered the Crow--for all of 4 seconds :-) I feel a bit like a breakdancer.


£ex said...

i'm jealous that New yorkers have a beach so close.

Whenever i want to go to the beach, or, in lingua franca: "down the shore" - its gotta be some big planned ordeal.

I'd love to be able to hope a train and be at a decent beach in a matter of an hour or so.

Go girl @ doing the crow! those yoga poses are no jokes. kudos.
i feel the same when i master a pilates position. Its body actually did THAT?

Chubbs said...

Lex--if you happen to be in NY before summer ends--let me know...we'll beach it up.

Janelle said...

have fun with Hannah this weekend.
And kudos to you for mastering the CROW.....I think that's the move I walked out of yoga class on...hahahahaha

oh I received an email about a fashion show on the lower east side on sunday and of course thought of you. Hit me on email (my email address is on my page) and I will forward it to you.

rashad said...

i'm going to miami tomorrow..that's all I can add. although a big ass bucket o' Popeyes sounds crucial right about now

£ex said...

chubbs! that would be awesome. i'm going to try to make it up before the weather gets all funky, and if i do i'll definitely take you up on the offer.

(maybe we'll spot your duck!)