Sunday, August 31, 2008

this time tomorrow...

...i'll be in my new apt in my new neighborhood, and only a dozen blocks from 9th Street Espresso. Oh, and very close to my writing class as well--maybe around 5 blocks. I'm excited!!!! It really DID seem just like yesterday I was chanting "I can't wait to move," and here I go...again.

This post is dedicated partly to the band in washington square park. thank you so much for playing my request song, "I can see cleary now"," and for letting me sing along. i adore that song, and it has a great, positive message. not only did it make my day so much sweeter, i think it lifted my friend caroline's spirit. and she needed it. and so did i, i think. well, who cares, anytime's a good time for a serenade. (check out the video with Johnny Nash was shot in Washington, DC. who knew??! and do me a favor: try NOT to focus on his shoes.)

and i'd planned to post a happy-birthday-MJ post two days now it's a happy-belated-birthday-MJ post. Oh well, what can I say? I've been packing--and singing in washington sq. park. When I was a 6 years old, I'd dance and sing to MJ songs for my great grandma--and she'd say "Get it, Ginger Cakes!" And I would "get it." I'd pull a little swirl of hair down on my forehead--a la "Off the Wall," and then I'd roll my pants up so that they were high enough to show off my white socks. I think I even convinced my mom to let me wear one white glove. And then, I do my best moonwalk and "heee heee owwww" Billie Jean impression. And afterwards Grandma Liza would cheer and hug me tight. That's my dearest MJ memory.

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rashad said...

It is never too late for a little MJ love