Monday, August 4, 2008

life couldn't be better.

and even if that's not completely true, sometimes you just have to tell yourself that to help get you to the better place. fake it til you make it, right? this weekend i told someone i love everything i needed to say, and some things i didn't even know i needed to say came out along the way...and a good part of me i thought had been killed off by past heartache made an appearance.

oh, and i love wooden shutters. must have them when i move into the new apartment which, btw, i have yet to find.

and i'm ready to post these lovely pics from montreal...which i must say, are pretty darn close to being identical. but lovely nonetheless. i really want a summer apartment in one of these row houses...kinda remind me of browstones, except they're gray. graystones. somewhere on st. laurent. this building-slash-botanical-garden was far too interesting to not snap. because of the balconies. a box of crayons. or grafitti. or comic art. st. laurent in mont of the hill. our hotel was/is on this rue. i forget where this was.this was a dark, cloud-heavy day on st. laurent.

p.s. I just noticed i posted the same pic twice...and i was going to delete one, but then i thought--"it was kind of a nice mistake...I'll leave it be."


rashad said...

excellent pics.especially the last one

asabi said...

these are beautiful gin. i wish i could find the ones of when we went. then again i dont think they were as nice as these. :)

Peas said...

Montreal looks lovely. I might have to go there.

Janelle said...

nice pics!!!!! and "fake it til you make it is my motto du jour!!!!