Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i just got home.

and didn't want to turn in without saying a word about the movie i just saw at the Quad. Let me clarify, I rarely, almost never step foot inside a movie theater. In my words, "It has to be WORTH IT." Well, The Edge of Heaven was pretty worth it. And while I don't think I'll see it again (soo sad...i need a comedy to counteract the sadness. perhaps Pineapple Express), I recommend it if you enjoy stories that leave a lasting impression and complicated characters who's lives interwine and twist, and while you hope they will make it to a happy place, they never quite do. riveting. that's a critic's word...and I'll agree...but, if i were a movie critic, I'd say "quietly riveting."

in other, less riveting news...i have to move. like before October. i can't take it anymore. some bummy dude walked up to me on Broadway and said "Want some of my doughnut" while proudly lifting said donut as close to my face as he could get. I wanted to spit on him (that's evil), but instead i made a sort of airy grunt noise. I need peace...not losers with jelly donuts.

*thought of the night: ask and you just might get it.

*another thought of the night: i'm so ready for cooler weather and boots (boots! boots! BOOTS!!). I'm so shallow.


aziza said...

Oh my goodness that's awful! (the guy with the donut) I live in that same kind of area too, and I'm trying to get out of it like yesterday.

£ex said...

omg! well at least he didn't flash you his--

ugh. perish the thought.