Saturday, August 30, 2008

it's gray today.

under normal circumstances, a gray day would induce a case of the blahs. but not today. it's so lovely and appropriate to have some gray. it's been sunny and perfect with zero humidity in NY for an entire month, and the cynical side of me began to think it was un-natural and likely even a foreshadowing of some un-godly storm waiting in the wings. but today--it's gray. and all is natural again. and besides, the gray will make the next sunny day even more appreciated.

another reason why i'm loving the gray day. today is get-down-to-business-and-pack-your-shit day: today's the day i find out if all my stuff will actually fit into 8 large rubbermaid storage containers...or so i told my mover ;-)

last night, i had dinner with hannah and one of her mentors--and then we giggled like children in the Fresh section of Sephora--convincing the nice sales lady to make us samples of Sake and Sugar. Sugar for me, Sake for hannah. And then I was grazed by a volleyball in Union Square park. my luck. lol.


p.s. one of my fellow bloggers called me "pretty." and it stuck. every girl should tell another girl they're pretty. do it today...

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etoilee8 said...

Congrats on the move. That place didn't sound right for you.