Sunday, August 24, 2008

i'm a bit stuck.

i knew it would happen, and i sort of welcome it. i was working on "the book" today and i'm finding it hard to finish this one particular chapter. it's the 4th i've written, and i want to see it through--but it keeps going on and on, and i want to end it, but the question is how? that's my current dilemma--like i said, i welcome it though. my goal today, to finish this chapter--and gracefully move on to the next.

today was a beach roommate and I laid out on the white Queens sand for 5 hours--soaking in the sun, the perfect breeze, and then there were the heinekens. hmmmm. and thanks to a heavy-handed slathering of hawaiian tropic, i'm the color of a beet. so embarassing (no i will not post a pic). what's in that stuff anyway??



rashad said...

I know this sounds crazy, but whenever I am having writer's block or I am frustrated with the direction of something I am writing, I go to the airport. you'd be amazed at how it feeds your creativity.

Chubbs said...

yes, sounds a little crazy, but i'm open to 'crazy.' i actually have been getting inspired a lot lately on the subway. maybe i'll take a long ride tonight.