Saturday, August 16, 2008

hannah loves me. i love hannah.

it's grand to be loved. reciprocated love. simple, complicated love. i was thinking, hannah--when we finally open our cafe-boutique, how about we name it "hannah and me"? or "ginger and me"? let's open it when i'm done with ny, and you're done with london, if ever.

speaking of love, this post is dedicated to the soon-to-be-wed sweethearts, christine and kevonne--both beautiful (i can't stop staring at both), and both interesting (i can't stop listening to them either). they'll marry sometime next year, and i'll be there (i hope i'm invited). kevonne recommended landmark for the BF, and christine recommended dr. hauschka for me--and after picking up a sample kit today from whole foods, i recommend dr. hauschka to everyone reading this (the quince lotion is my favorite so far--smells good enough to eat).

last night, kevonne, christine, hannah, and some guy who's name we can't remember (he was nice though), had dinner at grungy-but-charming Moto. high marks! yummy beer (abita), and although I had (more like, devoured) the mussels with cream sauce, the roasted chicken transcends mine--and that's saying alot. I'm already planning my return to this miniature billyburg spot. Or is it bushwick? Oh, and there was a barbershop quartet--in brooklyn!! lol. cute. and before the band, they played devotchka, whom i love. gotta put some of it on my "walking partner." i can't say enough about this place...but i'll quit now...

in other less-pleasant news, i have a bitch of a burn blister on my thumb. i don't know what to do about it. lesson learned: don't fuck with the linea pro.

oh, and more, other less-pleasant news, degree women's deodorant does not work. at least not in august.

i can't wait to move
i can't wait to move
i can't wait to move
i can't wait to move

(you'll here me say that often for the next 2 weeks)



asabi said...

hi hannah!! glad u girls are having fun. dont OD on the popeyes. ;)

£ex said...

i don't know who hannah is, but i want one. :)

seriously it sounds like you guys are having a great time. Yay for awesome friends!

(oh and i feel the same about tom's of maine deodorant.)

Hannah said...

his name was rico