Friday, August 22, 2008

fuck the break.

i'm finding that taking a break from my blog is like a taking a break from thinking. so i'm calling it off...the break, not the thinking.

a dear friend said to me this week, "if you want to hear god laugh, make a plan." We were chatting about my long-term plan of moving to Canada. 5 years baby. And no more.

But tonight, I'm babbling about the short-term. I got home from work today with plans of meeting up with a friend for a writer's group. Turns out it was a reading group, and she'd opted out. Wasn't the first opt-out of the past week, so I'd come up with a plan B: Elegy. I've been eyeing the trailer, so i figured I'd head down to the Angelika to see it. Eat a lot of popcorn--and settle in to watch the wondrous-ness that is Ben Kingsley. How can you not love this man? Have you seen House of Sand and Fog??'s so much to handle, the stress of that movie, but sooo satisfying...Ben is one of acting's finest...

Where was I?

So, on the train ride to Houston, I started to crave sushi and coffee. Oh, and the weather! Man, the weather is not indoor theater weather. NYC has been blessed with the most glorious stretch of perfect temps for nearly 3 weeks. Needless to say, I wanted to soak in the summer night...sooo Ben will have to wait.

So here goes my plan C:

* Stop at the bank to make a deposit...prepping and penny pinching for my impending move. (yay)

* Grab a salmon and cucumber roll at Shima--favorite light meal. Turns out I wasn't so hungry though.

* Walk into some tiny perfume/soap shop on 9th--sorry, can't remember the name. Spray one arm with brown sugar something-something and swipe the other with Pacifica's fig. Not sure which I prefer, so I leave, unconvinced I like either.

* Oops, almost forgot. I stop by the little moroccan-ish shop next to un-named perfume/soap shop. Find the perfect, dusty-rose colored silk hair scarf. Only $2.

* So, then I end up in one of my favorite night-time coffee shops, Mud. I love this place because of the vintage decor, good music, and the cappuccino. I order a cappuccino at the bar--and guy one bench down says he likes how I smell. "Brown sugar or fig?" I ask--and I hold up both wrists for him to compare. He prefers brown sugar (I'm more into fig, though, to be quite honest, still not sure i'm sold on either). Then, he suggests a place in Williamsburg, near Berry, where a guy custom designs signature perfumes for each of his customers. "It's pricey, but worth it," says he. I ask him for the name of said pricey perfumerie, and guess what he says. Just guess. "I don't know." Thanks a lot my wrist-sniffing friend who loves Aesop Rock. Nice guy though.

* In the middle of all this, i jot some pieces of "the book" in Big Blue...but i'm distracted by the beatles, al green, and aesop. plus, the cappuccino's got me buzzed.

* I'm coming to the end of my night. I finish my perfect cappuccino--and decide against dessert. I reach for my wallet, bartender says it's on the house. what a sweetie! I leave--and walk the six avenues to the west side. One of the loveliest walks of my life. I'm lying. maybe. I covet walks, long walks--and really, this one felt good, like i could have made my way to the Hudson.

p.s. i don't normally start off a post with the f-bomb...blame my vulgar friend daniel.

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Never apologize for starting with an F got my attention