Tuesday, August 5, 2008

blue is the color of the sky in summertime.

i forgot to post this pic yesterday...of another street in montreal, and a cool blue building and a perfect sky. I think the street was Duluth. And something else blue...a purse i just had to have by Montreal bag-and-belt designer Deborah Adams. Doesn't look like much here--but it's a sweet, distressed leather--made from vintage leather coats--and it's the perfect size for a small wallet, chap stick (can't go 10 minutes without it), phone, Moleskine, and keys...with maybe a tiny bit of room left for a tin of rosebud salve and a pack of virginia slims.


asabi said...

ur such a smoking poser. you know you dont inhale lol

Janelle said...

oooh me likey! ;)

Chubbs said...

asabi--a poser is actually a bit more tolerable than a hater. :-P