Sunday, June 8, 2008

so the wedding was lovely.

we all know how I feel about marriage, but my dear friends who tied the knot yesterday are the owners of something rare and effortlesss. Without a doubt, they'll be in their 80s in matching rocking chairs--sharing fond memories with their grandkids. The bride was lovely, the groom was happy (and hilarious), the day was fab--and HOT! Ninety degrees in the shade. I think the theme of the day was "love is the exception to the rule," or so one speech-giver stated :-( Sounds dismal, but I think she might be right on the money. How hard is it for two like-minded hearts to meet--and keep loving eachother for years through good and bad, richer for poorer, sickness and health?

A couple other honorable mentions of the day:
♥ I caught the bouquet, but dropped the cupcakes--twice.
♥ Some nice gentleman slipped the garter around my thigh (Oh BF--you should have been there!!)
♥ I actually know how to do the Cha Cha slide (but what the hell is "Charlie Brown"??)
♥ And finally, I think I might be warming up to this whole wedding/marriage tradition thing...but maybe it's only b/c the romance and whimsy of the day is still so fresh in my mind.


asabi said...

warming up to the idea eh? :)

Angda said...

The wedding reception was wonderful and it made me realize that perhaps love is not the rarity, but instead commitment is. Love is very beautiful and waxes and wanes, but commitment is what takes a lot of hard work and compromise [going back to our convo this morning w/A]. I think the other stuff is transient and prolly just lust and pheromones.

In other news--got home safe and sound and am catching up on your blog. Thanks again for a fabulous weekend and miss you tons already. Come and play soon, dearie. xoxo

lex said...

oooh you went to a wedding too? Today was my sister's wedding and despite the heat it turned out well.

look at you catching bouquets and slipping on garters! Do i hear wedding bells in your future? :)

rashad said...

I've always wanted to slip the garter on someone. i mean how can it NOT be sexual?

Chubbs said...

oh shush asabi. :-P I'm already "cooling down"

Angda--I'm so glad you came down...I fully enjoyed you. Must do again...I'll come to Chicago!

Lex...I have another blogger-friend who went to a wedding on Saturday as well. What gives? Spring weddings...but what a yuck-hot day!

Rashad--my leg sweat made the experience less than sexy. But, i'm saving that garter for some fun in my boudoir.

etoilee8 said...

Was it wedding weekend of WHAT?!?! The wedding I went to was an absolute scorcher. Peas was my date, she can attest. It was like 94 degrees in the shade. But once the sun set, it was PERFECT. So perfect I didn't even mind that it was full of high school people. . . imagine that!

Janelle said...

I too have been thinking lately about the marriage and commitment and blah blah blah.... Maybe its the easy breeze of summer that makes us believe that anything is possible.
Lately just when I think I have an idea of what this love stuff is all about, something happens that knocks my theory right on its ass.

LMAO at the duality of catching the bouquet and dropping the cupcakes! The question is which was more emotional?? For me, it would be the cupcakes. I've caught the bouqet 3 times. I'm over it! HA!