Friday, June 27, 2008

i almost forgot.

I watched The Savages last night. "Sad" pretty much describes the movie and how I felt after watching it with my roomie. I must have "awwwww"ed 20 or so times throughout. Ever watch a movie and wish you could re-write and make it more satisfying? My sentiments exactly--when the credits rolled. It didn't leave me with a good feeling overall. And not that I look for movies to lift my spirits--I don't--I love a good tragedy--but a hopeful one. I'd say, this one was 99 percent dismal, 1 percent hopeful. To me, anyway.

Still i worship shy/timid characters a la Laura Linney, and Phillip Hoffman can do no wrong. If you're a Phillip fan, netflixx Before the Devil Knows You're Dead instead. As for Laura, of all her roles, I still get misty when I watch her in Love Actually.

Have a lovely weekend folks...xoxo

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