Monday, June 23, 2008

very sad, kinda odd.

okay, can we all agree to keep our hearts healthy? normally I'd say emotionally--but today I mean it in the physical--get your cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress levels checked. Lose weight, exercise, quit smoking. First Tim Russert, and now George Carlin. Our hearts are killing us :-(

While I was not a faithful fan--I've liked George Carlin ever since I first saw Outrageous Fortune, and let's not forget Carlin as "Rufus" in the classic Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (below). Anyway--it's odd--late on Friday night, or very early on Saturday morning...the BF and I were standing outside our favorite pizza place on 18th, waiting for our pie and people-watching, when I spotted a long-bearded, white-haired, skinny, slouching, old hippie--and I said "Hey, doesn't he look like George Carlin?" It's odd, because I rarely see guys who'd make me say "doesn't he look like Carlin?," nor do I bring him up in normal conversation--and then, 2 days later, he's gone...r.i.p.


rashad said...

He's the second funniest comedian ever behind Mr. Pryor.

etoilee8 said...

It made me very sad too. My father and I were just watching one of his stand ups on youtube about the so called "American Dream" and amazed by what a teller of truth he was.

lex said...

Poor georgie. I heard the news and i was so sad.

I told my younger brother(17) he died, and he was like "really? mr. conductor?" And for some reason that made me even more emo. My brother knows him as a comedian but his first exposure to carlin was as mr. conductor on shining time station. Just shows that he was a versatile dude, and he will be missed by folks of all ages.