Monday, June 16, 2008

so last night, I took a very very long walk.

it started out as a juice run, but then, without planning to, I found what I needed: to sort out some things on my mind. You are one of those of the good things. I think of my life without you...then get sad...then push those absurd thoughts away. Then there are just other things in my life...not good, not bad...just there...lingering...along with all the uncertainties that I'm sure diminish slightly over the years but never fully go away. It's okay...I've learned to live with them...we share a goal and our souls are alike.

It never fails that long walks really DO add some sort of aloof peace to what often feels like the up-and-down mumbo-jumbo of the day-to-day. I stopped to buy two UO shirts (I couldn't resist the soft, thin cotton--and the $9.99 sale price), had a chocolate ice-cream cone (in spite of the un-forecasted chill in the air), and then, tried to catch the train at 76th, but it wasn't running...a little sign, maybe, that I wasn't finished walking.

So, I got lost inside the NYC bus system...ended up taking 3 buses, but I didn't mind. My hair can wait, I thought. On the final bus, a smiling baby sat next to me, flashing his 4 teeth and touching my arm...every time I turned away from him, he touched me again to get my attention.

What else? Nothing really. I bought strawberries because I love them, and nectarines, because you do.


Chubbs said...

nina -- email me at

lex said...

why do i feel so peaceful when i read your entries?


i like those meandering walks by my lonesome because they are the ultimate mind clearer...just me and my thoughts and the pavement and whatever scenery that is on the horizon.

this was definitely a personal entry...and even though i'm just an observer i feel like i can understand. good post.

Chubbs said...

oh are the sweetest pea in the pod. And i mean that sincerely. thanks for the "love."

Chubbs said...

oh are the sweetest pea in the pod. And i mean that sincerely. thanks for the "love."

aziza said...

I like this a lot. It almost seems like this was written to the rhythm of your footsteps.