Monday, June 30, 2008

so, last night, I couldn't sleep.

because I couldn't take my eyes away from this b/w Judy Garland special. First off, I love anything in b/w, and secondly, Judy Garland equals Wizard of Oz--a movie I've happily watched more times that I can count. I can sing the entire soundtrack's etched in the thread of my brain.

Anyway, it's 1am in my bedroom and Judy is doing happy-go-lucky duets and trios with Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Lena Horne, Barbara Streisand and the like--and I can't help but be annoyed that they're so freakin' over-the-top with high-off-life glee--but then...I'm REALLY enjoying it. So much so, I can't turn my eyes away. Thinking how cool it'd be to be there hi-dee-ho-ing in a sugary duet with the doe-eyed Judy, wearing matching gingham tops and fitted white capris. (see, now I know that it was too late for me to be up watching tele. I had to be delusional to even consider wearing gingham.)

But then I start to think--how Judy, with all her troubles--drug addiction, love woes...too many to list here, could hold onto such a convincing smile. I'm sure behind the cameras, there was a lot less glee...a lot less singing. Or perhaps performing was the only thing that made her at least want to try to be happy...a temporary escape from some of the darkness in her life otherwise. There's a very human quote by Judy that speaks volumes about her world--"If i'm a legend, then why am I so lonely?" But then, I think most folks lucky enough to reach "legend" status are meant to be lonely...there's not a lot of room up there.

I muted the tube at quarter to 2am, and finally got some shut-eye.


lex said...

Judy Garland's story is a sad one. When i found out her mother would give her stimulants so that she could be awake and perky for auditions i was horrified. She was an addict since childhood, and unfortunately she battled it for the rest of her life.

But her music was great and her voice was enchanting. Whenever i hear the trolley song from meet me in st louis i have to sing.

Clang ,clang, clang went the trolley
Ding, ding, ding went the bell...

rashad said...

Man I used to love me Lena Horne, when she would appear on the Cosby show and again on those lovely Crest commercials. Even at 70 she was sexy as hell.

Buzz Stephens said...

Speaking of Judy Garland, this week over at The Judy Garland Experience on Yahoo, they are featuring a recording of the 1998 Carnegie Hall salute to Judy. Lorna Luft sings and co-hosts the event with Robert Stack. other performers include Gogi Grant, Jerry Herman, Vicki Carr, Wesla Whitfield, Nancy Dussault, Jerry Maren, Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Morse, and others.
Everyone performs and offers up their memories or feelings about Judy.
Next week the second night of the concert will be posted (with a whole new all star line up).
And of course, the experience features all sorts of other aural rarities and treats.
The Judy Garland Experience is one of the largest and most exciting Judy Garland groups on the web. There is always an interesting discussion and game going on (some of the games even have good prizes). Our photo section features some of the rarest and most candid pictures of Judy anywhere, many of the taken by group members.
Please stop by and check out The Judy Garland Experience.
Here is the link: