Friday, June 27, 2008

once again, my cinnamon bagel...

...tastes like some weird combination of onion and everything. lesson learned, i'm done with cin-raze bagels from the job cafeteria.

and in the WTF category: I struggled out of my front door this morning at 8:15, luggage in one hand, bursting garbage bag in the other, and what do I see? Not a rat, not a pigeon aka "rat of the sky," --but roaming down the sidewalk, actually, pacing is more like it, was a big white duck--possibly a sea gull (i'm a city girl, and not sure I know the difference).

Anyhoo, his feathers are ruffled and greasy, and it was clear he'd lost his way. I stopped and stared at him for a minute or two, asked "what are you doing here?" (he didn't answer,luckily), and contemplated how I could help the little guy--or gull (lol). But since I don't speak bird, and I don't know the neighbors well enough to ask if it belonged to anyone on my block, I just wished the duck luck (okay, i'll stop) and kept it moving. I truly hope no one eats him.

I passed a cop car on my way to the subway and actually considered telling him about the lost duck, but I'm 95% sure I'd get the "Who da fuck doo ya dink i yam--da ASPCA or sonthin, eh?" he looked a lot like this guy...only dirty and ruffled.


rashad said...

You should have walked up to the duck and said, "hey buddy". they respond to that..

etoilee8 said...

Poor lil dear. ..

lex said...

Ugh not the onion flavored cinn-raisin bagel again? I've had that happen to me. I think they need to make a concerted effort to keep the various flavors away from one another, especially one like onion. Its so pungent.

I feel bad for the ducky. I hope he got wherever he need to be, safe.

lol @ rashad.

Sofia said...

I heart your blog. You are a great, heart-warming writer.