Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a "huh?" moment.

Snakes in a crib? (I could make all kinds of tacky, corny movie references, but I'll hold back.) What the heck's going on in Long Island? Okay, nevermind that question...but this is just bizarre so I had to share.

And while i'm relieved the sweet baby was not hurt, I'm bothered by the grubby grandparents who actually want to sue the makers of the crib mattress because they claim the snake came pre-packaged with/in it. What kind of snakes hang out in mattresses? Snakes like the outdoors and airplanes (sorry, couldn't help it), don't they? Seems like it'd be stuffy inside a mattress. Maybe he/she was hibernating. Okay, now i'm freaked out.


Janelle said...

I saw that on the news last night...I'm surprised they find a lawyer to take that case! I'm happy the baby is okay but how the hell are you going to sue someone over something they had no control over. Who knows where the damn snake came from (the plane maybe...hahahaha)??? For all they know the snake came in through their vents! Okay now, I'm creeping myself out. LOL

rashad said...

I need a shower

Sofia said...

Hahaha....what kinds of snakes hang out in matresses...that just have me a great visual, and also reminded me of Frank Zappa's "Baby snakes". Funny.