Friday, May 23, 2008

you know...

...i have nothing weighty to say today...I just didn't want to end the week with my "anti-marriage" post at the top of my blog :-)

I'm loving the day so far...and that's saying a lot because this has been a week...whew! It's sunny, it's clear, I'm leaving the city, and looking forward to beer, breakfasts, and the bed (for resting, of course).

Hey, yesterday the Brooklyn Bridge turned 125!! Wish I could have been there to see the fireworks in person. I think the Brooklyn Bridge might just be the most photographed bridge in the world. (I'll have to Wikipedia that one.) I really love Brooklyn happiest times in New York happened either when I lived in or visited Brooklyn. And some of my dearest and coolest friends have lived or still live there--Beth, Kate, Hannah, Jimmy, Chris F, Maisha. Maybe I'll live there again soon.

Anyway, in honor of the milestone, here's one of my fav photos of the grand sculpture. A bit frightening, isn't it? Photo by Arthur Leipzig, Brooklyn Bridge, 1946


rashad said...

I looked at that picture, and immediately thought of Rakim's song, "Know the Ledge"

Nina said...

I will have to agree with you. Brooklyn holds a special place in my heart as well. When I was in undergrad living in Harlem we always travelled to Brooklyn for house parties, food and cool people and the long ass train ride was always worth it. Big up to Brooklyn! That picture is really amazing btw :)