Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a small, pleasant bit of peace.

today was difficult. difficult to get up for work because of the long weekend. difficult to get movitated at work because of the long weekend...and difficult to get off work at a "normal" time, because whenever you have a long weekend, you have to put in extra time on your next day back to make up for it. And, my sinuses haven't helped with all the difficulty.

But, when I stopped thinking about the difficult-ness--at the end of the day--I discovered someone practicing their saxophone in one of the houses near mine. And a good, melodic practicing. peaceful even. definitely not an amateur. I closed my eyes so as to bring the sound closer to me.

I hope he practices everyday. Wait...I'm assuming it's a he...could be a she.


rashad said...

look at it this way, there are only 3 days left in the week..

etoilee8 said...

That sounds like something straight out of a film about New York:) Was he playing in an alley, with smoke climbing out of the manhole? Did he wear a trilby hat and baggy trousers? I know what you mean about it being difficult. Every time I have a full time job, I find myself thinking "how will I do this for the rest of my life?". . . and I especially have that thought after happy long weekends.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Yeah even though I'm job searching, I truly don't miss the extra work after a long weekend or the sinking feeling I used to get on Sunday eveningsn "Aw man! Gotta work tomorrow!" ;(

The sax is a beautiful-sounding instrument, isn't it?