Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i never liked terry mcmillan books.

i never saw my life in them. the first time I picked up one of her books--back in the 90s when they were all the rave--"Waiting to Exhale," I thought a bit arrogantly, "Ugh....this is IT? This crap is what everyone's raving about?! But it's fluff."

I was in college (young and snobby) and still figuring out my writing style (and I'm still figuring it out), but I could recognize fluff when I read it. And while she's a respected author--I wanted to stay as far away from her unimaginative style as possible. Her books always fell flat--never aroused both sides of my brain, and rarely gave me an appetite for her other works.

I won't say what triggered this blog post--but I will say what it's leading up to. A writing class for moi. A fiction writing class--so that I can figure out how the heck to tie all these ramblings and unfinished thoughts and pieces of Ms. Dottie into a perfectly formed, fluff-free piece of work that I can be proud of--and hopefully, will do her grandness justice.

p.s. besides, now that the Hills is over--I need something brain-regenerative to fill that empty time slot in my Monday nights.


LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Go for it!

I took one before and loved it!

Good luck!

lex said...

i still don't like terry mcmillan. (i think i am/was a bit arrogant too lol)

but there is something to be said for a person who can weave words together and form an engrossing story.

...even if it doesn't particularly appeal to me.

that being said, just from reading your blog i know you've got skillz. So a writing class can only enhance them. rock on girl!

rashad said...

Terry McMillan is to writing, what Naughty by Nature was to rap. They were popular for a spell, and then folks saw thru their bullshit, and they faded away. And for a moment, I liked them both. Now, i'd used their material for coasters on my coffee table.

Nina said...

i totally agree with the disdain for terry mcmillan. i want to like her--i really do. she is a black woman that is really successful (though i haven't quite figured out why). I do know that she recently came out with a line of linens--you ask me how i know--i watched one of those diva specials on BET ( I know, I was avoiding writing my dissertation)...anyway the people on the show were praising her and comparing her to folks like Zora Neale Hurston and that is where I have to draw the line. But anyways I agree with the others do your thang bc you are very talented and a writing class will only enhance your natural ability!

PS: I think I lost respect for her when I saw her on Oprah a long time ago basically all but cussing out her ex...I am sure that was a really rough patch but damn don't air your dirty laundry on tv!

Chubbs said...

terry compared to zora?!?! no they d'ent! I think I heard about that, and I saw her on Oprah, and maybe that's when I was reminded that her writing was just OK for me.

lol@ "Now, i'd used their material for coasters on my coffee table."

So thanks for all the encouragement...I hope it pays off. I figure, I can go shopping and spend 300-500 bucks (which I almost never do), or I could spend it on something that won't fade or shrink in the wash.

redhotmama said...

i feel so torn.

i've got genre fiction in me b/c i'm a sucka for romance novels and that's where the "fast and easy" money is, BUT i've also got the "Toni Morrison Gayl Jones J. California Cooper" novels in me, too.

pearl cleage manages to walk between both worlds fairly well, i think.

i think.


so i'm just gonna write the fluff under a pen name and keep the "literature" in my own.

much success to us all!