Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i'm a lazy bum.

oh well, blame it on all the unpacking.

ever notice when your stylist does your hair, it lays and moves so perfectly, and then you try to style it on your own, it's a bobby pin, clip, and product mess?? Not to mention, it takes an entire day to 'fall' right. Well...here's me and my magical clip. Without it my bangs would stand straight out in front of me as if they might run away with the spoon.

Tomorrow, I need to start posting sensible posts again...oy. On topics like boys, babies, brides...butter? lol. and oh yeah, this perplexing, maddening thing called 'baby steps.'


asabi said...

u look like you are contemplating deep thoughts. lol

Chubbs said...

Not really, asabi. I'm just really tired and blah, and munching on Honey Bunches of Oats.

Janelle said...

Loving the new cut. I need a new do myself...tired of the blonde fro. As soon as I start making Oprah money, I'm hiring a hair architect to arrive every morning to whip up a beautiful creation...hahahahaa

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Please don't get me started on hair and stylists!

On a lighter note-thanks for the post on Ooh La Lift! It's my new best friend!!!!

etoilee8 said...

Right now, my bangs are sticking straight out like Elmer Fudd's cap. I feel for ya, believe me. I can't style my hair to save my life. Sad, sad, sad.

Nichole said...

i need a new style but between this heat and working out, a press is not the move for me.

i really like this style, by the by.

lex said...

your hair cut is super dope.

and, i never can do my hair the way the stylists do either. They have magic fingers apparently.

But really, lets discuss your tshirt. Loves it!

Hannah said...

the styling on your own part always poopoos the fun of a new haircut...i did ask you, didn't i? i just like the kind of haircuts where you never have to comb your hair...or think about it...i can't believe you're munching on Honey Bunches of Oats in that picture -

Chubbs said...

okay all, i think i just fixed my styling dilemma. I'll keep you all posted. But my stylist, Keith, used the Linea Pro flat iron on my hair and I thought "wow, what a flat iron," or something like that. Anyway, I ordered it from folica.com, and it arrived yesteday. I'm testing it out on Thursday night. Let's see if I can pull this styling miracle off.

**fingers crossed**

rashad said...

i'm just on here, because everyone else was.

Chubbs said...

welcome to the hair-dilemma discussion Rashad! lol.

lady--so glad you're enjoying Ooh La Lift...the stuff is magical, isn't it?

Nichole--I love your hair as is! gorg'!

Etoilee--hush...ur always gorg'! I've seen your blog, remember?

Janelle--you don't need Oprah money to go to Keith C...let me know if you need his number.

Lex--I have a bunch of these old, thin t-shirts...and I covet them! The BF wore them when he was a wee boy.

And Hannah -- the only thing I have to say to you is...I wouldn't be chewing cereal if you were here, I'd be chewing Popeyes! Get over here already!!

Asabi --Already commented on your comment...I'm bringing the Solia to DC for you this weekend.

asabi said...

isnt it funny that of all the heartfelt and heartwrenching things you write about its the post about bangs that has gotten so much response? we are such "girls"..well except rashad that is.