Sunday, May 18, 2008

so i'm all moved in.

with the help and muscle of the BF, i have a new home. so far, so good...I have dresses in the closet, my blowdryer, toothbrush, and salt scrub in the bathroom, and cereal and soup in the kitchen.

So, a little about my block. There are three churches and a huge cemetary--so that means i'm surrounded by spirits. I hope mostly, pleasant ones--that mind their own business.

p.s. etoilee8: sorry i missed you this weekend. I owe you a latte or cap'!


lex said...


dresses...blowdryer...toothbrush..salt scrub...and soup and cereal? Thats all a girl needs in this world i should think. Sounds like you're all set! :)

p.s. i like walking through cemetaries and reading headstones. I find it fascinating. color me strange.

etoilee8 said...

Sorry I missed you too! Right after I sent you the email, my sister's internet totally went out. I'm sure I left the house, around the time of your arrival at Ninth Street! Another time, another time. . . after all, we're young and time is all we have (it's my birthday today. . .so I felt like saying that).

rashad said...

Congrats to you my friend.

Hannah said...

cemetery! that sounds wonderful! i grew up near a cemetery...maybe that explains why i grew up so weird

asabi said...

congrats chica.

Chubbs said...

Yes, it's nice to be on solid ground for a bit. Although, I'm not sure I'm in love with Hamilton Heights...but we'll see. Nothing is permanent...I should have a T-shirt made with that quote.

Etoilee--thanks for reminding me that I'm "young"...because I forget far too often.