Monday, May 5, 2008

i know i should say more...

...about the so-called "hard stuff." But I want to focus my thoughts on the good, "easy stuff" for the moment. I think life would be simpler and more beautiful if we all did that more often.

"I loved being with you--especially sitting
in front of 9th Street Espresso, staring into
the street, petting the stranger's lovable dog,
and enjoying 1-dollar cups of coffee. If I
could bottle that moment, I would. I want
more of those--just so you know. so lovely."


etoilee8 said...

It sounds like you guys have fun together. I know fun can't hold things together always. . . but sometimes fun is a lot more than what other people have. Three's so many people together for all the wrong reasons. Fun is the furthest thing from their minds. . .
One day, you and me girlie . . .are going to cross paths. I go to Ninth Street Espresso everytime I'm in the city (because my sister lives RIGHT across the street literally). On days when it's raining outside, I get up, go downstaires and drink iced coffee outside on their patio benches, shielded by the roof from the torrential downpour. It is some of my most peaceful nyc memories.

Chubbs said...

you go to ninth street espresso!? Oh my! Yes, I wonder if we haven't crossed paths already without knowing it. Serendipity!

(We should really have that cup of coffee soon.)

lex said...

Don't you wish life had an easy button forreal? I know that i'd be pushing that thing 50 times a day.

But your idea is the next best thing. It never hurts to focus on the positive.

keep your chin up girlie! :)

rashad said...

there's enough hard stuff going on in the world right now..just keep it easy and flaccid for as long you can

Janelle said...

you are absolutely right. Life is simpler, more bearable when you live on the breath of the positives in life. And it helps to ease the blow when you have to face the "hard stuff".

Rashad, did you just use the word "flaccid"? to describe life??? what the hell??? lmao

btw...I go to the ninth street espresso every time I'm in chelsea market...gotta out check the original

Chubbs said...

Janelle --

I saw that "flaccid" as well, and thought--"Wait a he talking about life or about penises?" lol

i'm so immature. Rashad--minus the flaccid reference, your comment was dope. Yes, I said 'dope.' If you can say 'flaccid,' I can say 'dope.'