Sunday, July 27, 2008

writing a first novel.

step 1: admitting it.

step 2: giving into it. (no, it's not the same thing as admitting it.)

step 3: plopping down 2 bucks for a notebook with a couple hundred blank pages that you'll wrecklessly fill with anything from aimless gibberish to literary gold. please...let there be more gold and less gibberish!

p.s. it rained hard today, but this time, i didn't run--i reveled in it. a tiny grocery storefront in Fort Greene, BK (L’Epicerie). cute, isn't it?


£ex said...

that store front is absolutely charming!

and, you're writing a book? congrats! Given the skill visible just by reading your blog i'm sure it will be tons more gold than gibberish. (and even the gibberish will be gold!) rock on girlie!

Chubbs said...

thanks for your vote of confidence, Lex! that's really sweet...and if only you knew how much I needed it.

rashad said...

Good look to you Chubbs. And books are made of gold and gibberish my friend

etoilee8 said...

I have a million little ideas floating around in my head but when I go to write, my mac screen remains blank. It's tough, isn't it?

Hannah said...

not only are we fringe-hair-cutting-brooklyn-loving-fiends - but we are also writing our first novel....lets move in together when we're forty and get a bull dog named charlie, and buy that cute store and turn it into a cupcake shop!

Nichole said...

maybe we should form a cyber writing group for all us first-time novelists out there?