Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it was a steamy night.

walking up Broadway with R., i can feel our short break from haze and humidity ending.

so i got home, drank some ice water, took off my clothes, felt good, and played in my new shoes (i'm obsessed with them)...and nothing else... p.s. for decency's sake, i had to cut one of them in half. the pic, not the shoes. :-)


rashad said...

throw decency to the wind, that's my evidenced by the numerous inappropriate pictures in my blog.

JazzBrew said...

I stumbled on your blog from Rashad's and have been reading regularly. Good luck with your book!

Even I have to admit... those are nice shoes. Of course if you show this to anyone I'll deny I wrote it.

£ex said...

pretty face
rockin hair
and superfly shoes!

btw should you ever...tire of said shoes, i'd be more than willing to help you ease your burden