Sunday, July 20, 2008

i'm home.

yay. no really...YAY! Montreal was here and there...good overall though. As soon as we hit 178th Street, I wanted to pop out of the car and run around like a kid. New York hasn't been all sun and stars for me, but it's home. Sometimes going away really makes you appreciate where you live...and your own bed!

So, I walked in the door, the BF dropped off my suitcase, and then ran back out to complete the next 4 hour-leg of his trip home :-( Took a cold shower...MAN, IT'S HOT DOWN HERE. I should toot Canada's horn and mention that Montreal got up to the low 80s, but there was NO HUMIDITY...none. I'll have to upload pics and fill you in on more of what happened up there...but not now. For now, I've got the tele on, and there are no french films or french shows or french music videos. I can finally watch CSI and Law & Order SVU in ENGLISH!!!

I gotta tummy's growling, and after a week away, still no mold on my Wonder bread. how lucky is that? So, I'm gonna make a pb&j, sit on the couch, and watch some American TV. And I'm not gonna unpack, or even peek at my work email (oy vey) until tomorrow.

p.s. just this and then i'll shut up. I saw a homeless punk kid yesterday with a pet squirrel. it sat there leashed on his shoulder, sort of like a parrot, while he paid for his cigarettes at Couche Tard (the Quebec equivalent of 7-Eleven)...while the cashier and everyone in the line stared in either disgust or amazement. I just wanted him to pay quickly and get the hell out of there before that squirrel made a try at freedom.


rashad said...

Welcome back! I'll await the pics

asabi said...

bienvenue en arrière belle !

Janelle said...

Welcome back to the heatwave!!!

I hope you took a pic of the homeless punk with the pet squirrel. And I thought only crap like that happens in New York! HA!!

Chubbs said...

oh janelle my belle...sadly, I didn't get a pic of the homeless punk. I was running in and out for an ice cream sandwich, so I left the camera in the hotel. But, when I tell you it was gross...believe was GROSS!! filthy. And very much a New York moment.