Friday, July 11, 2008

okay so, will i... while i'm on vaca? I think I will, but I can't be 100 percent, considering I haven't been on a vaca since I began this blog. wow. but i really want to. and I hope to have pics as well. I'm flying out early to meet the BF tomorrow, and then--ROAD TRIP!! I'm a girl that's got a weak belly and is prone to carsickness--but I love love love road trips. And I love road trips with the BF--reaching over holding his pinky with mine and stopping at Sheetz for junk food. And, now we've found something we can both listen to TOGETHER--books on iPod! yes! so it's either gonna be Richard Price's Lush Life, or Junot Diaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. (I vote for Junot...I like his short stories--and he's a cutie pie!) We're an exciting duo, are we not? :-P

Okay, I gotta get off the laptop and get to packing. And, btw, I can't post WHERE i'm going on this road least not until Sunday night/Monday morning.


p.s. I got burned at the beach today (ouch!)...but just on the fronts of my legs. And I fell on some seashells, and now have some sort of cut/bruise/gash on my hip. AND, a big wave hit me really hard, and knocked my bikini bottoms down--TWICE (and there were children present!). Leave it to me to make a day at the beach a recipe for disaster. Yet, still a lovely disaster...

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rashad said...

whether you blog or not, have fun on your vacay