Wednesday, July 2, 2008

he smells of cigs and eau de cologne...

...isn't it obvious? I heart b/w photos, as you've probably noticed from reading my blog. so, today when i read about the art display that opens at Morrison Hotel Gallery on July 18th, I thought, "I HAVE TO go!"then i flipped through the slideshow, and thought "well, I've seen it, maybe not." But, then again, on second thought--I'll go. For two reasons.

1) I haven't indulged in enough art-seeing since i moved here. It's time I switched gears and allowed myself some pleasure-inducing visual stimulation.

2) I like to stare deeply into photos. yes, i know--annoying. But it's nice to get close to the art--maybe see if it has an odor...and look inside, and spot the things in the photo that tell the whole story. When there are fabulous clothes in some of these b/w photos--like the ones worn by Marilyn, Billy, Eartha, and both Hepburns--I like to imagine the colors and the fabrics. And, of course, I act coy when the security guard orders me to "please step back" from the art.

p.s. the Miles photos are tops...that man had style!


rashad said...

I need these framed in my apt somewhere

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

I looove photos!

Miles had undeniable style!!!!

lex said...

These photos are hot. I love black and white too, in fact i prefer it. Yes you must go and see these photos up close and personal.

Is it rude that when i go to folks homes and they have photos out, i make it a point to look at all of them? I figure they don't mind since they *are* out in the open, but you never know.