Saturday, September 6, 2008

throwing away the junk...

...that's the theme of today. i don't think i can blog openly until I get all this crap out of my life. i've got good coffee though--a fresh pack of cigs, and a paint brush (piiiinnnkk!)...and so far, no sign of the notorious hanna **crossing fingers for good beach weather tomorrow**.

UPDATE: Hanna is here! And she's angry.


JazzBrew said...

Hanna dumped wind and rain on DC yesterday. It was actually nice to sit inside drinking coffee, watching movies and hearing everything go on outside. Enjoy your day regardless.

£ex said...

hanna gave me a scare briefly when the winds picked up and the branches off my neighbors(dead)tree started blowing all over my yard. Then there was a tornado warning which was pretty intense.

Other than that hour of terror, she warnt too bad.

But do tell, whereever did you find a pink paintbrush?