Monday, September 8, 2008

can you see it? my 18-hour paint job?

Hannah flew back to London last night, and I promised her I'd post pics of the "Hurricane Hanna paint job." She picked out this color for my bedroom walls--Cool Melon--and while here it looks warm and orange-y (like a lot of my pics), it's more of a coral-y pink. At night though, it takes on a rosy glow. I think it's lovely.

In other weekend news, the beach did not happen, however a long walk did...and some overdue errands (groceries/laundry/Ikea). I've come to realize that Ikea is just as dangerous, if not more, than Target. I went for a rug, I came out with a rug (yay), curtains, light bulbs, and a hanging light cord. So much for self-control.

Oh, and there was a break-up. Yes, that kind. It happened a while back, but it officially sunk into me yesterday. I'm okay though. As cliche as it sounds, I was holding onto a bird that wanted to fly. I know the feeling--I've been that bird. And really, that's all I'm going to say about it (today). Oh, and I love him always. Love is so rife with cliches, isn't it?


Hannah said...

oooh - it's so pretty! i love it!!

Janelle said...

ummm when I move can you paint?! I pay in pizza slices :)

I figured there was a breakup. There was a tone in a blog a while back that made me wonder. I'm glad you're okay though.

etoilee8 said...

Break ups aren't fun. But sometimes something needs to end for something wonderful to begin. . .

£ex said...


i won't say more because im not trying to get you or me all emo. but yeah.

anywizzle great color! its so cheerful.

and you know ikea is a menace. i go in there with a plan and come having stuck to none of it. Ikea and target. They're prolly in cahoots. I think they must put odorless gas in the ventilation system that makes you buy everything you see. lol

Chubbs said...

i'd be lost without you ladies...thanks for the kind words. it means so much.

etoilee--i don't believe u have until the end of this year to get your arse up here. xo