Friday, September 26, 2008

i believe in real, ache-for-me love.

in spite of my past flops and mistakes in the field. the kind that sometimes make you feel just a little bit unstable. And i always look for little honest-to-goodness, geniune displays of it. Tonight, on my way to Whole Foods for Amy's soup (yum-o!)--to feed my untimely cold/bug/flu--I was walking behind an old Chinese couple...maybe in their 60s, both a bit shriveled and teeny tiny. The hubby (or boyfriend), wrapped his arm about his honey, and then grabbed her bottom...and held his hand their for several seconds. I giggled like a 6th grader--it was damn near pornographic, but cute as hell! And it just felt REAL and right to me...I'm sure it felt right to him too :-P

happy weekend folks!

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Peas said...

Aw...I love that story. Hope you have a great weekend to.