Tuesday, September 23, 2008

kitty in the window.

last night, while walking to dinner with my good friend Pak--we saw a kitten in a pet shop window. All alone. Shit in the corner. Upon seeing us peering in at him, he started to jump and play with his bedding, behaving a lot like a wind-up puppy. I felt really a sense of emptiness walking way from him. Even if it was only my perception, he seemed to want to please us...and to say, "Look at me. I'd be a great pet. Please pick me and get me out of this dreadful, lonely glass container." *sigh*

Anyway, thanks to the zealous kitty-in-the-window, I started another chapter of "the book." I live for long walks.


£ex said...

i can't do pet shops anymore, they make me too emo. There's this insane part of me that feels irrationally guilty for not going in and buying every animal and giving them a good home. Needless to say your tale of the kitty in the window tugs at my heartstrings. :/

But yay another chapter for the book! does this mean no more block?

etoilee8 said...

Oh dear that is very sad indeed. I've never agreed with pet shops because if I get a pet, I want a clever little tramp from the pound. But none-the-less, my heart still goes out to pets in the window.