Thursday, September 11, 2008

i should be writing.

i know. or at least finishing up what I think is a pretty decent eighth of a chapter.

i was walking home tonight--after having cubans with my boss--and I saw the twin lights shining from ground zero...and i wished I could touch them. two imaginary towers.

i didn't post yesterday...but if i had i would have said a big "Happy Birthday Angelica." One of the most beautiful girls I know.

dear hannah--me and the "disguise hat" miss you. xo


rashad said...

Hey, that's the Zora Neale Hurston hat...

Janelle said...

I love that hat. Saw one in Urban Outfitters (I think it was UO) and I was thinking about picking it up, just for the drama of it!LOL

I couldn't post yesterday. Too many somber thoughts.

Hannah said...

oh i'm so glad the hat is still with you!