Thursday, October 2, 2008

i don't know where...

...our insecurities come from. maybe from our mothers or our fathers, or from boys on the playground in 6th grade chasing you just to remind you that you are flat-chested and you have a unibrow. Or maybe we're born with them...maybe it's our girlfriends who remind of of them, or our boyfriends. Maybe it's the world around us, in front of us, and on top of us. I don't know...I've always thought I inherited mine...likely from my mother. I used to HATE my nose, and was terribly insecure about it...and it didn't help when someone told me "your nose takes away from your face. Maybe later in life you should consider getting a nose job." Who would tell a child that, right? ugh.

I think in college, a guy friend told me "you have nice eyes. You always look like there's a lot going on behind them." lol. he was right...too much going on sometimes...ha! But just like that, you know, my nose insecurity slipped into the background, because I had these "thinking eyes." And I'd paint them and mascara them, maybe a little too much sometimes. As I've gotten older, I've learned to play up what I love about me, my heart, my brain--and oh, my legs ain't so bad...and think less about this nose, likely a gift from my father. Tho, I still loathe my big man hands....I have him to thank for those as well. :-) they're only good for hand jobs and opening the mayo jar. lol.


rashad said...

You got man hands son? We needed you on our coed flag football team.

me? i used to be insecure about my lips until i started dating. i'm still insecure about my ass, but i have my mom to thank.

JazzBrew said...

May I respectfully say that your nose is perfect. Cute even. You are one of the most photogenic people I've ever met (virtually).

I have too many insecurities to count and can you believe at 40 years of age I still drag them around with me? I don't think you ever outgrown them – you just live with them.

My biggest insecurities? I'm skinny (I prefer the word sleek) and my head is shaped like a peanut if you look at it from the side. If someone says something about those two things I am instantly transformed into a 9 year old kid on the playground staring at his shoes.

Chubbs said...

jazz and rashad--
i thought i had men to thank for a good deal of my insecurities, but you two are totally feeding my ego...thanks **blushing** i heart compliments!! :-)

Daniel Harrison said...

Shut up, you have a lovely nose.

About insecurities, I think they most enduringly and ultimately make us who we are. What we're insecure about determines a great deal of what we're working with at the time we finally take responsibility for our personalities.

How we react when our insecurities come up though, that's where we have the opportunity to learn to be better people.

etoilee8 said...

When I met you, I thought, "she's got the cutest lil nose!" No lie. Isn't that funny how it works?

asabi said...

and dont forget about your ears sweetie..they are magnificient!! it goes without saying that you are one the prettiest women I know.

Chubbs said...

u ladies are too much...**blushing** and you too Daniel...**more blushing**

£ said...

um hello! you're gorgeous! and you have a great nose. for serious.

but like kanye said "we're all self conscious..." (and NO ye you weren't the first to admit it)

i'm mad insecure about most things about me, warranted or no(lips, head, feet, hands, clavicle...). i think the key is to take ourselves as a whole rather dissect every little part. Once you(or i) start dissecting its pretty much a losing battle because, on their own, most of our physical features are downright weird. put them together, and the composite is greater and more attractive than any of its parts.

Anyway you didn't ask for a dissertation, and here i am blogging in your blog(again). what i will say is that i think you're a very pretty girl with a great nose, and whats more,a beautiful spirit.

rock on baby bubba!