Sunday, October 26, 2008

tonight i had beers on an empty stomach.

followed by the most delicious cuban ham and cheese sandwich known to man. seriously. i devoured it like an animal--dripping pieces of it all down the front of me and on my Lola & Emily canvas bag. yum. yum. and yum.

but right after the beers, and right before the sandwich, i went to the closing of this street-art exhibit from London...Outsiders NY. An eerie, dirty, fascinating collection of photos, sketches, watercolors, scupltures and collages. Filthy-fun stuff..really...I looked deeply into a collaged portrait of President Bush, and found dozens of dicks. Some of which were stuffed in someone's mouth. And this one below, by absurdist sculptor Mark Jenkins made me think, "what the heck's he saying here?" My literal interpretation = Grover was a bum--and maybe he was, but still--he made the children laugh.


rashad said...

Damn why Grover? Why not Cookie Monster or Bert and Ernie?

Chubbs said...

rashad: perhaps that is cookie monster, but if so, he's lost some weight. also...bert was in the exhibit, but he was holding a book and a briefcase--the "opposite" of a bum, i suppose.

Jazzbrew said...

Nah... that is definitely Grover and I agree... why? Grover is cool.

Let's be honest though, all of the sesame street crew is PAID. The only bum is Oscar and that is by choice. He probably has a phat crib in that trash can with a gourmet kitchen and 52" HDTV in the den.

Janelle said...

One of my favorite books as a child had Grover as the main character. It used to crack me up everytime I read it.

I look at it and see the despair of either a) growing too old for his sesame street character or b) the wear and tear of having to always be "on" for the amusement of children. Maybe that's why so many teachers I used to work with were alcoholics. LOL

Ps why does drinking make you want to devour everything????

Chubbs said...

Great interpretation Janelle! Kinda makes you sad doesn't's like the Sad Clown theory. Boy, have I experienced that one first hand...maybe more like an Evil Clown tho.