Wednesday, October 8, 2008

baby's sick.

blogging will be really light for the next 7-10 business days. oy. that's how long it's gonna take the Apple techs to fix my laptop. Seems I've blown a fuse--though I'm sure there's a more technical diagnosis that i'm not tech-savvy enough to articulate. Basically, my laptop has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but I'm simply calling it a cough. why? cuz it makes me feel better.

During said fuse-blowing, there was a spark--and I think there's something in the fine print about this representing a safety hazard, sooooooo...I get my baby repaired for FREE! **big smile** No I do not have Apple Care, and yes I think it's a blatant waste of cash.

It occurred to me that, since my blog is my default home-page, the Apple Guys are reading this right now. "Apple Guys, I mean *cough cough* Apple Geniuses, I love you, please return my baby soon!"

As I sat at the counter yesterday waiting for my-own-personal-Genius to return with good news, I remarked to myself, "7-10 days is a lifetime for a writer." One of the other Genii overheard it and seemed unfazed...but it's true. What am I supposed to do without my laptop for a week and half. I mean, forget writing for a sec, what about email? facebook? ebay? perez hilton? And does Monday--Columbus Day--count as a business day? Now I'm even more furious that we get a day off in this thief's "honor."

Oh, but wait.

Then, it dawned on me that, aside from my blog, none of "the book" is on my laptop. It's all in my notebook, save for the 90 percent that's still in my head. Thank god for notebooks, u know. They may get misplaced, or left behind on the subway, or coffee stained, and the ink could even wash away in the rain, but that would all be my own doing. On the other hand, notebooks will never crash, freeze, mysteriously delete your files, nor blow fuses.

p.s. for all you chai tea lovers, I think i've discovered something great. Note: I am NOT a tea drinker, but this stuff is yummy! It's replaced my morning cup of coffee 2 days out of 3 this week...and of course, it's from Roasting Plant!


asabi said...

bombay chai eh? why dont you bring momma some of that der when ya mosey down here?

Chubbs said...

i guess i'll have to do that. it's the perfect chai tea...seriously.

JazzBrew said...

Back in the day when I was writing science fiction and fantasy it took me a while to make the transition from my notebook to my computer. It was almost like my creative mind shutdown and gave way to the logic dominant side of my brain as soon as I touched the keyboard!

Glad they are hooking you up!

£ said...

*leaves milk and cookies out for the apple guys* take care of her baby!