Friday, March 21, 2008

i made it to the end of week one.

Oh, the melodrama! This is my most convincing impression of full-blown exhaustion. Are you convinced? My cerebellum hurts. Wait, or is it the temporal lobe? Either way I'm fatigued and can't think straight, yet secretly loving the new gig.

Today my friend Chris reminded me of my "special breakfast sammich." He's got a memory like an elephant...and I've got an appetite like one. Anyhoo, there we were, bright and early, two amigos, in the company cafeteria--building the Cream Cheese and Bacon Sammich on a Toasted English Muffin. (We also added a little butter to the muffin--for lubrication). Try it, trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Week one has come to an end...weekend-in-DC-with-my-hunny-bee, here I come!

p.s. next week, I want/hope to be back to me. I owe papier-mache some tlc. (ooohh, i made a cheesy rhyme)


lex said...

you're purdy :)

your breakfast sandwich intrigues me. it sounds caloric, artery clogging, and blood sugar raising. In other words: delicious!

I will be trying it, because my inner glutton tells me so.

Chubbs said...

why thank you, lex!

yes, this sandwich is embarassingly fattening--like the type you should never tell other people you'd dare eat--but I just had to share. it's that good.

Hannah said...

cream cheese and butter?

rashad said...

Very attractive pic..reminds of me of that Pharcyde video when everyone was upside down..the name escapes me

Chubbs said...

omg...rashad...I'm visualizing that video, and even hearing the song, but can't think of the title. darn it!

hannah--yes, I said cream cheese AND butter. The butter provides extra lubrication and flavor. It's yummy, just try it!

lex said...

i believe the video/song you are referring to is "Passin me by"

Rashad and Chubbs im ashamed of you both! :/