Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the best part of sadness... the ending.

Today, I had an "I get it" moment, and started to feel the transitional "rut" and mental exhaustion of MY NEW LIFE melting away. Maybe it's the first signs of Spring in NY, or maybe I'm just figuring out my place and seeing that the risk is sooo worth it. :-) Either way, I'm sappy and silly and lovey (I can't wait to rub my nose on the BF)--and quite possibly annoying--all at once...

p.s. Another source of highly-recommended goodness is this brilliant storytelling podcast I "discovered" last week. I giggled all the way home on the "1" train while listening to Dan Savage's nervy explanation of why he's not "that kind of gay."

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lex said...

i love moments like these - everything comes together and you get all mary tyler moore and stuff. Its great.


you're gonna make it after all!