Friday, March 28, 2008

it's called "8 things" (in no particular order).

So, I've never met this blogger, but something about her feels kindred. She posted this survey a few days back, and invited me to do the same. And so I have. And to keep the magic moving, I'll TAG four "friends" who's blogs are my favs-- Asabi, Redhotmama, Lex,and Rashad. Enjoy!!

8 Things I am Passionate About

1. Walking. Long walks have been my saving grace at times when I've felt like I might just lay in bed under a blanket all day. A long walk alone helps me see life outside of myself.
2. My writing. I call it my "writing on the side," but really it's so much more than that.
3. Babies. I obsess over them and dream about having my own.
4. NYC. I go up and down/back and forth (literally) with this city, but with every new day, it feels a little more like "home."
5. Road trips. I don't have a car, so it seems silly to like road trips. But sometimes, it really is nicer to drive through, than to fly over. And it's a great way to bond with a friend, a lover, or a child.
6. Live bands. In another life, I'd be cooler and musically-inclined and in a band. (I already have sort of band-like hair.)
7. Shoes. A good pair of shoes can boost a wardrobe--and a mood.
8. Old buildings with porches, pillars, and tin ceilings. If I ever own a home, it HAS to be old.

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Publish my memoir. I'd call it, "The Bravest Thing I Ever Did Was Writing This Book."
2. Make love on a beach, in the forest, on a mountain-top, and possibly in an igloo. Really, I'd just like to see the inside of an igloo.
3. Open that cafe/coffee shop with Hannah.
4. Live on the West Coast at least once. Either in San Fran or Monterrey.
5. Finally, find out what it's like to go backpacking through Europe.
6. Learn another language. My 8 years of high school and college espanol never stuck.
7. Have a garden. Even though I'm allergic and I've never had a green thumb--I love homegrown tomatoes....and so I'd like to grow my own.
8. Make a difference. I know that's vague...but when I figure out how I'm going to do it, I'll be more specific.

8 Things I Say Too Often

1. dot dot dot (...)
2. that's funnnnny
3. i love you
4. whatever.
5. you don't have to, but can you? But if you don't want to, nevermind.
6. Soooooo...
7. hun. (I call people "hun.")
8. let's go eat!

8 Books I Have Read Lately

1. The Glass Castle
2. Beware of God
3. BlackBook NYC (I don't like to put it down)
4. Love in the Time of Cholera (but didn't finish)
5. Angela's Ashes
6. They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky
7. Water For Elephants
8. White Guilt -- (still reading it.)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over Again
(I couldn't think of just eight, so I'm stealing from Etoilee8 and posting randoms from my iPod.)

1. Fool That I am - Etta James (but really, anything Etta)
2. Simply Beautiful - Al Green (but really, anything Al)
3. He War - Cat Power
4. Ball and Biscuit - The White Stripes
5. Adore - Prince
6. Lover's Spit - Broken Social Scene
7. Tulips - Bloc Party
8. On & On - Erykah Badu (I'm sorta "paying" homage to her today)

8 Things That Attract Me To My Friends

1. bitter, sweet, disgusting, vile, beautiful HONESTY
2. laughter and pure silliness
3. dancing all night then waking up at 8am to call and remind eachother that we are no longer eighteen.
4. kindness
5. strength
6. wit and sense of humour
7. love
8. purpose and stick-to-it-ness


etoilee8 said...

I truly believe you will accomplish all 8 of those things you want to do. And I do think "making a difference" is a lot easier than people think. You can start by writing your memoirs (the two might cancel each other out. . . a chain reaction, so to speak). I have a feeling, your story could be in inspiration to many girls, everywhere.

rashad said...

Dammit, this is hard. I will do it nonetheless. You did a great job with this

Chubbs said...

etoilee8, you're so lovely!

rashad, no pressure...but you can do it!!!!!

lex said...

Chubbs, did someone clue you in on how much i like doing these surveys and stuff?

Number 8 of your passionate things? That is soo me. I love old homes! Tin ceilings, beadboard - all of that. :)

btw...i rearry(intentional spelling lol) enjoy reading your blog, you remind me so much of myself - only way more eloquent.

Chubbs said...

omg lex...AM NOT!!! (referring to the "eloquent" part). But many many thanks...and likewise, of course ;-)

asabi said...

You do realize my indecisive mind will take forever to complete this but I will give it a shot. Btw. The universe is conspiring inyour favor. You will accomplish all those and more.

Chubbs said...

awww, my asabi wabi pie! xoxo.

Now do the damn survey!