Monday, March 10, 2008

monday morning: the bean edition.

mi favorito coffee shop, Murky Coffee, has been seized by the government for tax reasons. Damn you Uncle Sam! All the more reason for me to get thahelloutof this city. Murky is pretty darn perfect--albeit the long lines (I can never tell where it begins and where it ends). It's been a pleasant weekend staple for me and the BF. Every weekend, we take our morning caffeine-fix walk...order two small coffees with a vanilla shot in each (is it Kenya or Ethiopian brew?). The BF is heavy on the sugar, I'm heavy on the half n' half. Then, we walk to the market for breakfast--cups in hand--discussing babies, books, and our plans for the day.

I'm very very very distraught over the (hopefully temporary) closing. My fingers are crossed that this wonderful shop fixes it's financial woes and re-opens by this weekend. I don't want Starbucks!

p.s. I didn't know coffee grinds help a garden grow.

Photo from DCist


lex said...

i swear Starbucks is the scourge of the urban neighborhood.

one of my favorite independent coffee shops closed down, and lo! a starbucks opens about 2 blocks away :(

and i didn't know coffee grinds were good for soil either. Im going to have to put that tidbit into use.

etoilee8 said...

Murky seized!! Those jerks! I love that place too.

Chubbs said...

I definitely drink Starbucks, but it doesn't compare to Murky. Seems like they put more love into their coffee. :-(