Tuesday, March 11, 2008

but you'll hear my snort laugh on weekends.

(though, I know it's not the same.)

"it finally hit me...what it will be like to not have you
around to kiss and hold every night. I was in the shower
and i wondered, 'wow I'm not going to hear her snort laugh
every night.' you know the little lovable things about you
I realized you're going to take them all when you leave.
Wow i'm going to miss you."


rashad said...

will you be having a going away party? perhaps that'll ease the sadness a bit

Chubbs said...

i had one already--3 weeks ago. But it hadn't fully sunken back then. It's just a growing pain...and I have to adjust myself a bit.

lex said...


but lol @ your snort laugh (you do that too??)