Saturday, March 1, 2008

sleeping all day on a saturday... not just for lazy high school kids. I actually planned a "sleep marathon"--well, more like a stay-in-bed-all-day-athon (put this on your to-do list), and it's been magical so far: woke up at 10am, made pancakes and bacon, ate pancakes and bacon, watched cartoons (the BF's a fan), took a nap until 4pm, a mid-day shower, a blog entry (ha ha), and next--the first season of House, M.D., followed by my famous fried chicken and a home movie. Heaven!

A few days back, a fellow blogger made the observation that my hair in this post bears a striking resemblance to Chaka Khan's hair on her "The Woman I Am" album cover. And here is my favorite CK album cover (from 1979's "Chaka"). I'm honored to share even a minute likeness with the lovely, legendary songtress--with great hair might I add. (I think I wanna hear "Stay.")

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rashad said...

And did you know that Chaka could also play the drums? What's fucking with that?