Wednesday, November 7, 2007

vendor guy part 2.

You know that Vendor Guy across the street that wipes down my Coke cans? I’ve noticed he's quite snazzy for a guy who sells hot dogs. I mean, not that he shouldn’t be, but most Vendor Guys in these parts wear your basic dirty khaki or dirty jeans and dirty t-shirt get-up. Not this Guy. My Vendor Guy wears a tweed newsboy cap, a tailored wool blazer with a button-down oxford, and sometimes a cardigan over it. (He probably has cool shoes too...I hope they're not penny loafers. Please don't let them be penny loafers! I'll check next time.) He's a handsome older guy, East Indian descent (I think. I could be wrong about that), with gray hair, a tailored jacket--and he's wiping down Coke cans and asking folks what they want on their dirty hot dog (I really wish these Guys sold Sabretts...yum!).

Maybe he actually LIKES his job. OR maybe he likes fashion. Either way, I like him. I gotta ask his name next time, so I can stop calling him Vendor Guy. I'm so hasty sometimes. I wonder if he wipes down everyone's can, or just mine.
UPDATE: Ran over for my afternoon Coke five minutes ago. His name is Aman.

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