Friday, November 2, 2007

i love bulky oversized man sweaters.

And finally, i have an excuse to wear them.

I'm ending the week on a bundled-up, pleasant note...the headache is gone and it's Friday. Here are some random, semi-connected little notes that inspired me this week...and helped clear some fuzziness from my head. (fuzziness belongs on sweaters, not in heads.)

"I am sorry about your stomach. but babe. you REALLY
don't give a fuck on how you eat...your favorite foods include:
toaster stroodle, candy assortment, popeyes, pizza, coffee,
no breakfast, hotdogs, something dairy with a lot of sugar,
and on top of that you got that carbon water no wonder you
got gas love. your stomach hates you. yes lets go get some
fruit. fruit is good."
"Or maybe it's just karma pulling you out of the hole of a
false relationship you were in with him...getting you out of
that dreadful situation, revealing to you that you deserve deserve the truth and someone who doesn't
make you question yourself."
"We all deserve the truth, if nothing else, I think."

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