Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a lil somethin' about the pain in my neck.

I went to Dr. P today for my muscle sprain, and he says I have a "rather long neck." "Really?!," I ask. "Yes, you do. There are women out there who would kill for your neck," says Dr. P. (Really? WHO are these women?)

I see my neck as your typical squatty-and-buried-under-my-chin neck, but knowing it's long makes me wanna wear low-cut blouses and show it off. And reminds me of the swan in this fairy tale I was obsessed with as a little girl. It's a sad-but-hopeful story of a rejected "duck" who, through hardship and eventually running away, learns to appreciate his beauty.

Painting by Sunil Gangadharan


asabi said...

there are lots of advantages to you having a long neck. ask any guy. :-)

Hannah said...

i think necks can be very lovely -

but was this Dr. P trying to hit on you?