Monday, November 5, 2007

uh oh...

...look at what I discovered tonight. This is sooo awesomely dangerous! I've been at it for three hours straight, my eyes and fingers are tired, I want a snack, I have to pee, but I can't stop. I'm going to quit at 11pm. really.

I used to spend hours and hours and days playing this game in college. Sophomore year. I think my roommate Tedra was a tad bit worried about me.....I would eat, then play, maybe shower, maybe not, play, eat again, play, and then fall asleep from exhaustion and sensory overload.

At some point, Tedra cared enough to demand that I "get off the computer, get out of the room, and get some contact with the rest of the world." I'd laugh and say "I'm ok. Seriously! This is my LAST game. Really!" Then she'd turn on the music and lip-sing to "All My Life" while holding her brush mic and gyrating/gesturing the way R-rated R&B singers did back then. I'd get distracted, lose my game, and crack up. That ALWAYS did it for me...her being out-of-character silly, and serenading me with that mushy R&B song. Come to think of it, I was the one that bought that CD for her! Ha! I wonder if she hears it and thinks of me, the way that I do of her. That corny KC and JoJo ballad will forever be "OUR SONG." I'm smiling too hard right now as I type this out. ugh. moving on...

We spent most of that year giggling, and me mostly being the silly, happy-go-lucky, naive girl drawing eyeliner mustaches and flowers on her face and knees while she slept (I'll try to dig up some old pics of this), and hiding her coveted beanie babies. Us reassuring eachother that things would be OK in our "love" lives. Me ironing her clothes because her wrinkles drove me nuts, and her rolling her eyes at me and my OCD's that drove her nuts. No drama though, and no judgements. None whatsoever. Just sweet (and embarrasing) memories of Tetris, R&B, Fourth Street, and a good friend.

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