Friday, April 18, 2008

is it pronounced "PAPE-el" or "PAP-el"?

The pope is in NY and i'm fleeing to DC. City officials are advising New Yorkers not to drive. Mr. Pope or your Majesty, your Papelness, or whatever handle you use, please let my bus out of the city. And PLEASE, no gridlock. I'll say 5 Hail Mary's if you do this for me! Okay, actually, I won't, and that's blasphemy and I'm going to hell in a handbasket.'s something to watch, though you've probably seen it a dozen times or more. I like it--it's a cool video--the colors, the people, the message of course. And that little zoe kravitz is quite a pretty girl...or wait, I meant, pretty "young woman"..she's all grown up. Looks like her momma--and she sings--like her pop.

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rashad said...

I think its pape - el