Sunday, April 27, 2008

i want to blog, but i'm not in the mood.

I actually thought this morning, even before our conversation, that by the end of today, all I'd have left are 500 emails.

p.s. life is really difficult right now. i'll be back soon.


etoilee8 said...

Hope things get better. xoxo.

rashad said...

I hope things look up for you soon my friend

Chubbs said...

thanks so much for your kind thoughts.

lex said...

girl, im struggling myself so i can relate.

just remember that you are stronger than you even know. Like seriously. you think you can't handle anymore and suddenly you find resilience you didn't even know was there. and im sure you're gonna find it.

i hate hearing that folx are going through difficulties...i hope things get better soon.