Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i have 3,000 tiny red bumps on my arms.

Yep, hives. This morning, when I noticed them, I worried that I might need to contact my doctor immediately because "hives" falls under the "call your doctor immediately" side effects of Allegra. But, then I stopped short and had a "ugh duh" moment. Hives actually form on parts of my body when the pollen count is high, and today's count qualifies as HIGH. So yes, this is another post about my allergies. Sorry, but they're dominating my life these days. So much so, I may--during my laundry-doing tonight--pound out a Dideon-like account of all the turmoil the onset of Spring wreaks on me. And rest assured, it'll be gross, graphic, and full of expletives.

I have more to say on another unfortunate topic--grocery stores in Harlem (or lack thereof)--but I'll post later.


Janelle said...

Ugh. Spring truly is a bitch. And as much as I hate rain I need some relief from this ridiculously high pollen count.

The lack of adequate grocery stores in Harlem are a side effect of the "revitilization" of the neighborhood and the inability to compete with big business (i.e Pathmark). I shop downtown (Fairway, Trader Joes) and just lug my stuff uptown. A hassle yes, but oh so worth it.

lex said...

I don't have allergies.

...well thats what i keep telling myself anyway. But everyday for the last week i've been feeling itchy everywhere, my eyes watering, and suffering from a runny nose.

I finally buckled down and took a benadryl laced product, and it worked. So now im thinking that maybe i do have allergies. But since i was never officially diagnosed with allergies, i keep telling myself that i don't have allergies.

Its a terrible sitch, my dad and sister have terrible allergies and i was so thankful that i didnt have to suffer through it.

Anyway, i hope you feel better soon and that those hives go away. Hopefully the pollen count will be lower in the coming days.